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If you’re a 6-figure entrepreneur who wants to scale to 7 and beyond, join us to learn how we disrupted our industry and scaled from 6-8 figures in less than 2 years.


Kelly Roach

has been featured in


There's a plateau most entrepreneurs hit when they get to the low 6-figure mark

  • They have TOO MANY 1:1 clients and no more hours in the day, but a long way to go to hit their impact and income goals.
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  • Their little side hustle has become their full time gig, and they want to use i tot make a lasting impact and build a legacy.
  • Their dreams of pick-up-and-go freedom feel buried beneath the weight of trying to grow while also trying to deliver with the clients who've already paid them.
  • They’re drowning in client work, marketing, sales, all the things, and they can't see a way out...

Sound familiar? Here's the deal...

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There is no
magic wand

that will make your million-dollar dreams a reality overnight. 

But... there is a clear outline of what it will take to get you there.

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a timewarped speed machine designed to help you...


Go to market
with magnetic messaging
that matters


Engineer your iconic
celebrity brand


Create and launch
an irresistible high-
ticket offer


Claim your position
as the undisputed


Leverage your time
to speed up your
7-figure results


Build lasting
generational wealth

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You do whatever the heck you want, when you want, how you want, for the rest of your life - because when your business is built on timeless principles, it SURVIVES.

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Like many of her clients, Kelly spent years in corporate America, rising through the ranks of a Fortune 500 company. Her determination to create financial freedom for her family drove her as she built her own company into the fastest growing coaching program on the market, and the first of its kind.

Today, Kelly is known as the Millionaire Maker and has turned that side hustle into an 8-figure international company. Her results-driven approach has been responsible for hundreds of clients finding financial freedom through entrepreneurship… on their own terms.

  • If you’ve outgrown a lot of the online world's teachings... 
  • If you’re looking for a revolutionary mentor to lead you to the next level...
  • If you’re tired of the status quo... 
  • If you want to step into your uniqueness and embody a category of one....
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Q: I’m new to running a business. Should I register?

The 7-Figure Market Disruption Formula is for seasoned entrepreneurs who are ready to scale from 6 to 7 figures, but aren't getting what they need in other, lower-level coaching programs. 

A word of caution if you’re not quite at that level: There are different areas you should be focusing on and prioritizing at different levels of your business.

By putting your energy into the right things at the wrong time, you can actually do more harm than good for your business growth.

If you would like to explore other ways to work with us, reach out to teamunstoppable@unstoppableentrepreneur.com to learn about our other programs and sister companies!

Q: I’m a [coach/consultant/doctor/lawyer]. Is this a good fit for me?

If you’re a service-based business owner and you’re ready to learn the advanced strategies necessary to scale from 6 to 7 figures, then yes — the Market Disruption Formula is a great fit.

Q: Will I get any personal attention?

You will! This may be a free workshop, but your time is money — and we’re committed to helping you get a ROI. 

You will receive a personal concierge, who will be your point of contact throughout the workshop. They will answer your questions, provide feedback, and help you adapt the strategies taught to your goals and audience.

Join Us October 25th!

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